Camping LDK

Camping.. Woooo...... I inwardly yell unenthused.

Day 1
Woooo... Camping... LDK... Leadership... I arrive at the villas near the campsite, sit in a building (i think it's called a 'hall', but it was pretty small compared to what you think when you hear 'hall') get briefed and hike to the campsite.

After having an opening ceremony, setting up our tents, resting and praying we return to the hall to listen to someone talk at us about a topic, It's about Volunteering to Disaster relief, and how brave and skilled they have to be, it's interesting and engaging, but the atmosphere is ruined by people napping due to the comfortable seating area and the fatigue from both the trip and walking uphill and downhill twice caused most to fall asleep in the back, I don't remember much since it's been several days since and the fact that I am also a part of the guilty party.

Our tent setup is that we have two small tents, one used by me, Syauqi and Yosua (and owned by Ratri, one of the girls on another team) and the other by Ziel and Fattah, though Syauqi moved to the other tent on the second day. The other tent is also used to store the big bags.

At night we sing and play cards, the view of the city in the distance looks like someone spilled sparkling glitter all over the horizon, it's truly a wonderful sight, the sound of people laughing and singing and the cool night breeze blowing through the campsite make it really worth coming here, just for this. Later in the tent, I have a talk with Syauqi about misc topics into the long hours of the night, I hit the hay at midnight while Syauqi goes on a midnight stroll around the campsite, and falls asleep around one.

I didn't say anything about my team did I? My team is called SPIDER, named after a SPIDER, and it is made up of Ziel, the tall one, Yosua, the young one, Syauqi, the "wise guy" Fattah, the fit one (and also the team leader) and me, the unreliable one.

Day 2
Breakfast, me, katya, tre and ziel (and two others, i'm pretty sure) are told that we have to set the table since we arrived to BOGOR STATION late, we do this all the while sounds of fun echo downhill from where they are... I'm pretty envious, though this is also fun in it's own right.

 More talks about topics at the hall, except the last one, is actually a lot more engaging, that didn't stop several from falling asleep though... I want to take a nap too, but maybe later.

There is a showcase showing us how to start a fire with magnesium and thought us knots, after that we killed and processed a fish, I witnessed the murder, but not the mutilation, , those guys were surprisingly hard to kill.... Ziel did both IIRC.

We had two fish, we had one cooked on the campfire and one fried, the fried one was pretty tasty though undercooked, due to the quality of the processing, we didn't get very much edible fried fish, though it was pretty tasty, and the campfire cooked one needed more seasoning. we ended up eating mostly just carbs for lunch.

We then went to the parking lot where we made yel-yels (for the record, our team's was "Laba-man, Laba-man, kita regu laba-laba").

We did teamwork exercises, like passing water behind your back through plates to fill a bucket, or a human ladder. Our team was made up of two teams, Bears and Spiders, quite an odd mix but we made do very well if I do say so myself.... I'm really tired.... I want to take a nap.....

The last challange was to carry a ball on strings to a plate, we were told to put each of our balls into our own plates at the same time as the other teams, we didn't come up with the most efficient way (since we thought we had to use all the strings) but we came second, right after Chicory and Marigold, the fact that they had put their ball in without waiting for the others really threw me for a loop, I don't know if the others have noticed but regardless we still ended up putting it in, because we put it in without waiting everybody lost, at least we got second place.... Ugh, I'm dizzy... I think I might have a fever coming on.
For dinner, we cooked our own rice with campfire cooked chicken on banana leaves, and we really had to consume, and with everyone's less than well cooked rice and the fact that we had to leave nothing behind and consume all  within five minutes (we finished in 15) had me giving up after... What the third plate of rice? I went to eating the greens nobody wanted to eat... Ugh mints, why would you serve mint raw?

After the grueling dinner, I told the kakak-kakak that I wasn't feeling so hot, they gave me medicine and told me to sit the next event out, and so I slept.

Day 3.
We all woke up, made lunch (eggs) and ate breakfast, It was fried rice.
Due to my fever (they all thought it was due to fatigue, that was most likely true.) I had to sit another event out, luckily both events were hiking trips, (those I detest) so I took a nap in the tent, I am woken up later and told to go to the villa to rest, I obliged and slept in a nice soft bed, turns out, that may be just what I needed and I recover my health, though, I was still sick.

I missed a talent show.....

I walked downhill along with all the others, I felt well enough where I could carry a gallon down, though it fell when I crouched down to rest causing it to crack (was this yesterday? I don't remember.)

When I got down, me and my team got started cleaning out and folding the tents up, we all discovered that the tent that I was sleeping in smelt like urine, we all immediately suspected Yosua, he denied all claims and said that it was me, due to the wetness of my sleeping bag and some of my dirty pants, my pants and sleeping bag was wet due to means other than peeing oneself but there was a urine smell on my sleeping bag, I was up late talking with Syauqi on the first night and I was using Yosua's sleeping bag (that was dry) on the second I also wasn't wearing pants but a sarung but that's besides the point, apparently, the smell was why Syauqi moved to the other tent and Syauqi testified that Yosua was missing on the first night. He still denied all claims but we still decided that Yosua was the one who would bring it home and clean it. (Syauqi ended up bringing it to OASE so I don't really know what happened to it really.).

We have a closing ceremony, went back up to the parking lot, had a little birthday suprise for Zaky and then We all got on the vehicles to BOGOR STATION, and once we've arrived, I tag along with one of the kakaks (I can't spell his name at the moments) and meetup with my dad. and with that, my sickly camping trip comes to a close.

due to my sickness, I became a shut-in for 10+ days after that.


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