Torture Time in Train Town

I woke up early today.

Me waking early was only an event reserved for days like these. My dad was already up while my mom and my sister were still lounging on the bed. I got up and took a bath, I spent most of my time in the bathroom steeling myself to douse myself in cold water.

After that freezing ordeal, I got my things and readied myself for the day. But I felt like I was missing something… Ah yes, breakfast. At this point, I felt like I were to dally any more I would end up late, there was still the sweet bread from yesterday, so I took that for the go and got my dad to take me to the train station.

When I arrived I bought myself a sweet fruity drink as a treat before looking on with dead bleary eyes of resignation at the crowd that had amassed on the platform that was going the way I needed to go. I sighed and trudged on.

I sat eating my breakfast waiting for a train that I could feasibly enter. All the previous ones that had passed looked as if the next Comic-Con was canceled and the planners of Dashcon took charge and hosted it in a narrow hallway because no convention center would want to have them. I looked at the time and sighed, 2020, March 4th, 8:18 AM, it was the worst time to get on a train. 

At this rate, I had to get on the next one, I put in my earphones in preparation 
And so I pressed, pushed and fitted myself against the other fleshy breathy beings of consumption to get myself in.

Ah yes, the rush hour commute. Looking for entertainment I squeezed, snaked and pulled my phone out of my pockets to adjust my earphones that had experienced Impromptu mono.

The dense sea of businessmen and women that I had voluntarily shoved myself in begins to move to get someone off the train, waves ripple through the crowd as someone stumbles into another nearly causing dominos, there's enough room to stand, but not comfortably, and I don't have access to any hand-holds leaving me to support myself only on the awkward crooked position of my feet, it was uncomfortable.

The collective body heat of every person on the train had gotten me sweating, I was wearing warm clothes with a warm jacket and a hat meant for cool weather. I wanted to take my jacket off, I wished to take it off, but alas, there was barely room to stand right, Let alone disrobe.

Nobody coughs, thankfully. No threat of Corona here. But as I sigh in relief after that realization, a new, gaseous burbling problem begins to arise.

"Oh man, I shouldn't have drunk that drink." I thought to myself, as my stomach begins to collect gas from the indigestible fructose sugars from the bottle of apple juice I drank just minutes before, "Too late," I had accepted my fate. "I'm already on the train."


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