Otherworldly Bard: Prologue

Otherworldly Bard 

Prologue: Another World’s Mozart

My eyes flutter open, I find myself in a blue void, floating aimlessly, ‘where am I? Why am I here?’ I thought I strain my brain trying to remember my past life, I recall... Music, being a huge fan of fantasy, playing a lot of TTRPGs1, being able to play a lot of instruments, steadily gaining popularity as I release songs after songs, albums after albums, becoming fairly famous and then, laying in a hospital bed, surrounded by familiar faces and dying with a smile. 
I lived a good life, huh? 

<Hello, Neil Belebter, you have died.>  
A feminine voice, sourceless and emotionless begins to talk to me. 

Soo, What is this a game over screen?

The voice seems to be trying to stifle laughter, but it still escapes in the form of a chuckle.
 <I’m sorry I- > 
The voice says, chuckling as she dropping the emotionless facade.
<I can’t keep a straight face I’m sorry- It’s been too long since I’ve had to act serious...> 

Why am I here?

<You’re lucky enough to reincarnate, and to another world, even, how lucky you are.~> 
The voice says playfully. 

How rare is otherworld reincarnation?

<20 in 7.6 billion.>
She says, rather nonchalantly

Oh wow, how uh, how much of my last life will I remember?

<Bits and pieces, most if you’re fortunate, but you won't remember names and faces.> 


<Now, what do you want to reincarnate into? Just so you know, your new world is a world of might and magic, medieval fantasy!> 

I take a moment to think about what do I want to do?

I-I want to keep playing music, I want to be a bard. 

<A bard, eh?> 

I want to be able to learn about music and instruments quickly. 

<Impatient, are you~? Well, I’ll grant you your wish.> 
A snap of a finger resonates in the void from nowhere, suddenly, a flash of light blinds me. 


“Huuaaaa! Uwaaaah!”
the sound of a crying baby escapes from my mouth, blurry shapes of, what I assume to be people gather around me

“.......! .......?” “........”

Muffled speech enter into my undeveloped ears, I inwardly curse this infant body, the shape of what appears to be a finger approaches me, I reach out and grab it

“..!” “.......”.

Eight months have passed, I have realized that I reincarnated with all my memories--except for names, intact. 

I sit in the middle of Mom and dad, the room is large, simple yet elegant dad is a large, muscular and boisterous man with messy brown hair, and bright green eyes, though his hair his messy his extended goatee-style beard is well kept, mom is a slim, elegant and gentle woman, with long, blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s also a bard, I’ve seen her use magic by simply singing or humming.
Enough time has passed as to where I could gain a basic understanding of the language used in this world, wherever in this world this is. 
Dad holds out his hands,

“Come to---Dad!”

he beckons, mom does the same

“Come on!----Rues!"

they both say many things, though I don’t understand most I could tell that they were words of encouragement, looking at the both of them, Dad at my left and Mom to my right, I crawl straight, they both warn the other about something, most likely me bumping into things and spring into action, I discover a mirror behind the dresser, seeing this I exclaim “Aaah!”
Dad takes the mirror out and shows it to me, I’ve got brown hair and blue eyes and a round face, but that's expected for a baby, looking at this face, give me a few years and I’ll be a lady killer, this face is going to grow handsomely I guarantee, this baby is gonna get some babes some day.

All the parents see is a baby, laughing at his own reflection.


I’m a year old now, I can walk and I can understand the language, though my vocabulary is severely limited as an infant, my mental development is obviously much quicker than your normal infant since I have literally lived a lifetime. I have since gained an understanding of my circumstances,  my full name is Rues Filapott, my dad’s Rease Filapott, and my mom’s Fira Filapott, they’re staying in a local lord’s estate to care for me, apparently, Dad and the Lord, Germa J. S. Dirmann have a favorable relationship, close friends perhaps, according to Lord Germa he’s “Simply paying a debt.”, they aren’t squatters too, my dad trains the Lord’s defense forces, while my mother does housework, provides the lord with new products (mainly misc crafts such as woven hair ornaments and such), helps the maids with housework and provides entertainment to guests through songs and music, and whenever she entertained, I’d listen intently, my parents have taken note of my interest in music.

One day, my mom was practicing, with dad listening near, I walk over and reach out, asking for the lute my mom was playing, 
“Mama, give that!” 
“Hm? You want this?” 
with a gentle smile, she obliges “Careful now Rues~.”, and puts it on the ground, I could speak longer sentences, but that’ll break the illusion of “Innocent little baby” right?

I tried holding the Lute the same way my mom held it, like a guitar, but my limbs are too weak and short, “Hahaha! Tryna hold it like mom did ‘eh? Maybe when you're older hahaha!” Dad, boasts, I curse this infant body and start plucking notes, G, F, E, B, C, A, and in about 2 minutes, I start playing a tune from my past life, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, I hoped to play something like Greensleeves, or the song my mom was playing but my limbs were, as said before, too short, I once again inwardly curse this undeveloped body I have.

At first, it was simple, just the melody, and then slowly, flourishes, harmony and then entire sections improvised, the parental duo was astonished, their baby could play the lute like this at just year old?! 
When Rues finished, mom scooped him up “A genius! My little boy is a genius!” “That's OUR boy!” she spun him around, a laugh escapes from the little Rues’ mouth.

I laugh as my parents continue to sing my praises and spin me around, but inside I was screaming, I was cursing the voice who gifted me because I MEANT THAT I WANTED TO LEARN MUSIC AT A YOUNG AGE!

Watching my parents proud and happy, I think 'Well, no use crying over spilled milk, I guess, this is good too.'


Today, Jassi Jacquelyn Dirmann was born. Judith Dirmann, Germa’s wife gave birth to their first child, I don’t recognize the wife's name but the face is familiar, perhaps it’s this body’s spotty memory, perhaps it’s my old man brain, perhaps both. 

Her hair was black, just like her father, her eyes were blue like her mother, shes certainly a cute baby.

A year has passed, Jassi was growing splendidly, I asked my mom what a bard is, according to her bards—or at least Magic Bards are masters of words and song, those who have managed to weave the ancient primordial echoes of the words of creation utilized by the gods to speak the multiverse into the creation into their speech to create and manipulate phenomenon much like common spellcasters, she explained  expecting me to not understand, she laughs as she sees me with a bright and exciting look on my face, exclaiming how cool it sounds, I ask her to teach me bardic magic, but she told me to wait until I was 5, so instead, I ask my mom to teach me how to read, turns out that the Accelerated Learning doesn’t apply to anything not musical, but with my old man brain I still pick it up fairly quickly.

Two years have passed, I’ve spent a lot of time in the library reading stories to the surprise of everyone, there's nothing really much to do but read in here, and there's not many chances for me to go out, every day I read Jassi—or Jac as I call her, stories, the ones she like are the children’s stories with knights and adventure, I wonder if she wants to be an adventurer in the future, don’t think her parents would allow their first daughter to be one though


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