kembang week reflect 1

this week was pretty meh, to be honest, I succumbed to procrastination too easily. Anyway, here are the three things that went well, and the three things that went not so well.

not so well
- Udemy
After finishing the first part, I never got around to making progress on the second.
- DnD
Absolute disaster, due to the fact that literally all of the girls are participating in the Comifuro bazaar and that's half of the players so we had to delay all sessions to the end of the month...

- Writing
This week I've been slumped with inspiration for poems and motivation for journals, I never thought I could keep the Journal detailed and simply just a log, though, I stopped detailing near the end of the week.
- Juru Kembang
See Above
- Juru Nulis
See Above

I definitely have to be more active next week and do more things.


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