journal kembang 7

I am woken up by my dad, he told me that I had OASE today, I don't remember ever saying that I'd go to camping thing and thinking about it now I never said that I'd go, but eh, it's fine, better than just watching Udemy courses and reading manga all day.

With a dazed mind and heavy eyes, it took me a while to rouse and actually take a bath, my dad brought my mom to work and I ate breakfast.
Dad is home, brought to the station, ordered gojek to library/bookstore where the meeting will take place.
By the time I got there, the meeting has already started, and they're watching a movie, it's a Japanese movie called "The Survival Family", It follows the story of a family living in a world where suddenly electric devices stop working and even batteries don't work.

The movie is an optimistic take on this situation, it forgoes realism in order to tell a story about family and the ups and downs as they cycle around Japan searching for a place with enough food where they can stay.
Movie is over, and it's break time, come back at 13:00, ate noodles.
It's time to come back for the meetings, the camping thing is for us to develop leadership skills, my group is called SPIDER, it consists of "The Emo" Syauqi, "The Runner" Fattah, "The Newbie" Yosua "The Martial Artist" Ziel and "The Nerd" myself (nicknames bestowed by me).

I ended up sleeping for a few parts, particularly when they were talking about terms, luckily my team members took pictures of the relevant slides.
Time to go home, I order Gojek to the station when I reached my stop I took the yellow bus and walked the rest of the way home, the ground was wet, puddles around, the air was humid and fresh, from this I assume it just stopped raining a few minutes ago.
I'm home, I pray.


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