Journal Kembang 3

I wake up, take a bath, play with my sister while my dad bathes and then I do some chores.
There's still time left until ajan, so I decide to get some food and open Udemy and continue the course
It's nearly time, and my dad tells me to go ahead, must be the Juru Foto (Photography Unit) thing or something, I comply and walk to the masjid, the streets are quiet, some exits their homes and walk, others fire up their motorcycle and ride to the masjid.

It's been a while since I arrived early, even so, it's still crowded.
With the prayer over, I walk home, the previously quiet streets are filled with the sound of footsteps, though it dissipates quickly
Entering my home, I quickly retreat to my chambers after greeting my dad and continue the course.
15:20 sholat
16:00 Nulis
18:10 Sholat
18:20 Continue Course
19:50 Sholat
20:00: Tidur
00:01: Bangun
02:00 Tidur


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