journal kembang 2

I am woken up by the sound of my mom calling my name, she says that if my dad doesn't return by 8:XX then she's leaving to work with my sister in my care, I shout an affirmation through the door. I look around my room, messy, as usual, with the lights off, the room is lit orange-ish from the outside glow peering through the windows, it's warm, even with the electric fan mounted on the wall whirring as fast as it can.
The sound of the gate opening and a motorcycle engine outside catches my interest, it's my dad, home just in time for my mom's departure, I do some chores for a short while and return to my room.
Since I'm not really doing anything, why not learn something? Learning Music Theory is one of my goals for this year, so I open up Udemy and l open the theory course.

12:00 Sholat & Makan

I had finished the first part of the Udemy Course, so I decided to take a short nap.

13:50 Bangun
15:00 Sholat
16:00 Makan
18:00 Sholat

It's time to write today's journal..........

Is this what writer's block feels like?

Well, the deadline is coming soon, so I'd better make something...


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