berkembang journal 1

dawn of the first day

Eyelids still heavy, laying on soft bedding on the corner of the bedroom beside a king sized bed, using sheets as blankets, I prop myself up, sunlight beaming through the thin curtains, the idle sound of a clock ticking on the wall and the whirring of the AC above me fill the room.


"What time is it?" I ask myself in my head, echoing my thoughts, my grandpa who lays on the bed asks me "Jam berapa?" "06:18," I answer, looking at my phone "Sepatunya dimana?" I enquire, and with that question, my day begins.


I shower, get dressed and have breakfast, I grab lunch and head off, but not before saying goodbye to my grandparents. It's a cool morning, and it looks like it's already getting cloudy.


I arrive at Rumah Inspirasi, l haven't been here in a while, I open the green gate and enter the house, looks like three other people are here, I greet them and sit down on a chair in the living room, looks like some of the furniture has been rearranged, I remember that I haven't taken off my bag, and put it on the floor next to me.


It's almost time to start, it's getting pretty crowded and there's sort of an air of renewal, I get to meet faces I haven't seen in a year, and I'm getting pretty excited, but I'm not wearing the full uniform since I left it at home, but I've been inducted as an official scout, so at the very least I only need shoes, socks, and a kacu, I'm wearing shoes I borrowed from my grandparents and borrowing an old one from Yudhis, a friend.


I step outside and into the side yard alongside everyone else, looks like there are already quite a few people here, even more now that the small crowd I'm with has entered, it's still quite cool even though it is reaching midday, the sound of chatter and laughter create a welcoming atmosphere, looking at the clouds, I don't think we'll be seeing the sun for a few hours, I notice the cut grass and the damp soil, I see many familiar faces, and a few new ones all of which look happy.

We are told to line up, and start the opening ceremony, we sing some songs, listen to Kak Andit give another speech, we play few small games, and after all that, the siaga kids leave the yard to leave the penggalang kids & the penegaks for a briefing, I've grown accustomed to the feeling of damp soil on my butt after what feels like more than an hour of sitting on the ground listening, It starts raining a little.

After all of that, begins the Units.


Juru Berkembang's (Self-Development Unit) first session is all about finalizing itself, creating rules and establishing deadlines, giving insights and tasks, if you miss a deadline by two days, you will be exiled from the WhatsApp group chat until you submit the task.


The topic for Juru Menulis (Writing Unit), is poetry, we start with a powerful musical poem, (THIS WILL BE DESCRIBED FROM MY MEMORY) performed by none other than Kak Lala, the poem very moving, it's about a girl trying to move on from a boy, the first half sounds surreal, with no real description of the world, leaving you to imagine just the girl and the boy, the poem begins to pick up along with the music, and the poem starts falling and spinning, It sounds lost though still coherent, at the second half is a lot more grounded in reality, the world around slowly filling in, it really seems like the girl has recovered and is perhaps interested in someone else, but it all changes when the boy from the first half comes back, the girl is frustrated and confused, leaving her unable to move on in the end.

By learning poems we learn how to extract meaning from every word, to make sure every word means something.

With the end of Juru Tulis, OASE's activities are over for today, I grab lunch, sit on the stairway, head filled with inspiration from the poetry, and I pull out my phone and start typing.

After I finish eating, I strike up a conversation with friends and discuss the things talked about in Juru Berkembang and many other things.

Most have gone home, and the ones left are going to go home, so, it's time to go home I say goodbye and grab a gojek to Tebet Station, I get on the train home, I don't get a seat.


I've reached my destination, Pondok Cina Station, the lush greenery and the grey skies seem to contrast eachother, sounds of collage students talking and walking and the cold breeze that occasionally blows by rustling through the trees, I take a deep breath of the fresh air, I'm almost home.

I decide that I'm walking home, and I get on the yellow bus.


The world sure is busy, I think to myself as I walk through the streets, sounds of engines, conversation and shoes against concrete is everywhere in the city, the sounds die down as I walk into my quiet route, cats, motorbikes would, mothers walking with their babies, children playing, these are a common sight on this quiet route.


Peeking through the front door left ajar, I see that my dad was asleep, walking was a good choice, "Assalamualaikum." I say just as my little sister, Lila comes up to my sleeping dad, spotting me, sh hides between my mom's legs, I play with her for a few minutes before going to my room and taking off my jacket, I feel an emmense sense of relief as I take off my damp shirt and let myself fall onto the bed, eventually falling asleep.


My mom wakes my up to pray, I do so and spend the rest of my time occupying myself with idle tasks.


Remembering the impending doom deadline, I quickly open my blog and start writing, playing my Alternative Rock playlist on Spotify.


i finish journal


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